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    Welcome to the website of the FRADEN network where you will find information on clinical research on atopic dermatitis in France

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    MADULO (Randomised Dupilumab Dose Spacing Trial)

    The MADULO project is currently ongoing, with more than 130 patients included.


Approved by F-CRIN in 2022, coordinated by Pr Sébastien BARBAROT (Dermatology Clinic, Nantes University Hospital), FRADEN (FRench Atopic DErmatitis Network) is a research network on atopic dermatitis, a complex, chronic and recurrent skin disease, for which therapeutic options are still limited in adults and children despite a real impact on patients' quality of life. The FRADEN network is a new step, on a national scale, in the mutualisation of expertise in France initiated by the Groupe d'Étude sur l'Eczéma Atopique (GREAT), which has already conducted several academic trials in France. FRADEN aims to conduct translational projects, proof-of-concept trials and improve European collaborations. The network currently has 29 French centres and conducts research to better identify patient profiles, identify their biomarkers and their response and tolerance profile to treatments in order to better personalise patient care.


Prevalence of AD in children

With a prevalence of 4% in young adults and up to 15% in children, AD is one of the most common skin diseases.


Number of ongoing academic studies

10 academic studies are currently ongoing within the FRADEN network, all carried out by GREAT/FRADEN members


Number of ongoing industrial studies

19 industrial studies are currently ongoing within the FRADEN network, and many more are to come thanks to the arrival on the market of new treatments (biological and small molecules (JAK inhibitor),...)


National research cohort on AD

FIRST is the first national research cohort on atopic dermatitis supported by the FHU IMMINeNT/PRECISE project coordinated by the CHRU of LILLE

Map of the network

The FRADEN network consists of 29 clinical research centres and 9 basic research units.

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