Presentation of the ATopic Eczema Research Group

logo du GREAT

Le GREAT, ATopic Eczema Research Group, is a thematic group of the French Society of Dermatology, created in 2017.

The GREAT group is the only group dedicated to AD research in France

The group's mission is to

  • To participate in the training of caregivers on the disease or its treatments,
  • To help patient associations when they are in need for the production of scientific content...
  • To participate in European research networks on atopic dermatitis
  • To carry out clinical research projects.

This group includes 53 experts representing 38 centres from different fields of dermatology (paediatric dermatology, basic and clinical research, contact dermatitis, patient education).

The FRADEN network (FRench Atopic Dermatitis Network) was created within the framework of GREAT's research mission. This is the national clinical research network on AD which aims to optimize clinical and translational research on AD in France.


Updated on 20 February 2023