FRADEN Presentation

FRench Atopic DErmatitis Network

Approved by F-CRIN in 2022, coordinated by Pr Sébastien BARBAROT (Dermatology Clinic, Nantes University Hospital), FRADEN (FRench Atopic DErmatitis Network) is a research network on atopic dermatitis, a complex, chronic and recurrent skin disease, for which therapeutic options are still limited in adults and children despite a real impact on patients' quality of life. The FRADEN network is a new step, on a national scale, in the mutualisation of expertise in France initiated by the Groupe d'Étude sur l'Eczéma Atopique (GREAT), which has already conducted several academic studies in France. FRADEN aims to conduct translational projects, proof-of-concept trials and improve European collaborations. The network currently has 29 French clinical investigation centres and 9 basic research units and conducts research to better identify patient profiles, identify their biomarkers and their response and tolerance profile to treatments in order to better personalise patient care.

FRADEN's missions

The general missions of FRADEN (led by GREAT) are to improve the knowledge on AD and the management of affected patients.

The specific missions of FRADEN are:

listing of FRADEN's missions

Through the F-CRIN labelling, the objective will be in the future, to get national and European fundings to support translational projects, European collaborations and proof of concept trials and.

FRADEN's missions

Network Organisation

Three main bodies govern the network.

Operational Committee

This is the operational body of the FRADEN. It is the " entrance point to the network ", and it :

  • organises the various network bodies and ensures the implementation of their decisions,
  • animates and promotes a collective dynamic of clinical and translational research,
  • centralises information and ensures its dissemination to all members,
  • ensures the implementation and realisation of projects and actions common to all members,
  • organises communication on behalf of the network,
  • interfaces with certification bodies and partner organisations,
  • works for the development, sharing and transmission of expertise within the network,
  • proposes areas of work and strategic development,
  • works for the sustainability of the network by seeking financial support.

The Operational Committee (ComOp) of FRADEN meets every month, the members are:

  • Pr Sébastien BARBAROT (CHU de Nantes), network coordinator,
  • Pr Angèle SORIA (Hôpital Tenon - Paris),
  • Pr Audrey NOSBAUM (Hôpital Lyon Sud),
  • Dr Marie TAUBER (Hôpital Lyon Sud), GREAT secretary,
  • Pr Manuelle VIGUIER (CHU de Reims), GREAT vice-president,
  • Pr Delphine STAUMONT-SALLE (CHRU de Lille), GREAT president,
  • Dr Catherine DROITCOURT (CHU de Rennes), GREAT treasurer,
  • Pr Julien SENESCHAL (CHU de Bordeaux),
  • Aurore FOUREAU (CHU de Nantes), network project manager.

The operational committee, the network's headquarters, is headed by Professor Sébastien Barbarot. It is legally represented by the Nantes University Hospital, which is the FRADEN network's legal representative.

The coordinator represents the network to institutional and industrial partners and promotes it at national and international level.

The Steering Committee

The network has set up a steering committee composed of the operational committee, member doctors of FRADEN/GREAT, representatives of the partner research units...

This steering committee is the monitoring and orientation body of FRADEN. It meets every three months, at the same time as the GREAT meetings.

This Steering Committee (CoPil) is responsible for:

  • the review of the network's activity in terms of clinical research, training, etc,
  • the validation of projects submitted to the network,
  • the maturation of projects,
  • the evaluation of the network's activity and budget for presentation to the General Assembly.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the strategic body of FRADEN. It meets every year and is composed of the operational committee, the steering committee and the legal representatives of each partner.

The missions of the General Assembly (AG) are :

  • define the strategy of FRADEN,,
  • instruct the integration of new partners,
  • elect the coordinators in case of termination,,
  • validate the network's activity reports and budget.

During the AG an international AD expert is invited to present his or her network.


Updated on 09 January 2024